Q:  What is ShopRVA®


ShopRVA® is an advertising platform for the entire metro Richmond, Virginia  area that serves two purposes.  It is a business directory that is available for every business in the area that combines all digital advertising channels into one location and allows the business to offer specials or coupons to bring more consumers to their business.  The platform will be marketed to both metro Richmond and out of state in a 100 mile radius of Richmond.  That demographic will increase in diameter as the platform grows. The goal of this marketing effort is to assist every business within this demographic to increase sales, margins and brand recognition.


Q:  Why is UNOS a benefactor of ShopRVA®

A:  We wanted a nationally recognized beneficiary that helps save lives.  We can’t think of another organization that serves that purpose better.  We will donate 10% of all listing and ad sales to UNOS on a monthly basis.


Q:  How do I  become a ShopRVA® user?

A:  Watch this short video:  goto shoprva.com to click on the avatar’s play button.  She will guide you through.






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