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Snooki might generate the mega-bucks, but Jionni LaValle, her fiance, has his or her own deposit of income. The MTV reality unveiled Jionni is an entrepreneur with a rather unusual economical work. ” He owns his or her own ATMs,” online essay writer Snooki tweeted late Friday. The 5-weeks- expectant Jersey-Shore celebrity established Jionniis show after one mistook him for an ATM technician and of Snooki’s five million Facebook enthusiasts obviously identified Jionni repairing an ATM. Snooki didn’t reveal so how many automatic teller unit Jionni owns, but based on the site ATMExperts.com, they are often providing a decent income. The site promises the common ATM manager generates about $810 each month per appliance from ATM surcharges incurred with deals. Like Snooki, Jionni has his turn in, efforts that are different that are several. The Newest Jersey native is currently researching to be always a teacher is actually a childhood wrestling coach, and possesses the t shirt brand. Take a look at Jionni Lavalle’s full-line of t-shirts marketing at NJFatman.com for around $15 Snooki premieres at ET/ therapist, June 21 on MTV on Thursday. Don’t miss another Jersey-Shore Update: Follow the Snooki Examiner on Twitter and Pinterest.

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